Baby Photo Shoots

Baby Photo Shoots or, Baby Sitter Sessions, are the perfect way to celebrate your little one’s milestone – sitting on their own.

At this stage of their life, babies are grinning widely, often with gummy smiles or just one or two teeth peeping out at you. Who doesn’t love a baby with a gummy smile?!

Leanne du Plessis Photography provides outfits for these baby photo shoots or baby can wear their own clothes – a pair of jeans, dungarees, braces, tutus or a vintage dress. These all add to the cuteness factor of baby at this stage.

There is no set age for this type of session, as long as baby is sitting. This can be anything from 4 to 9 months, depending on baby. Don’t worry if your baby is only sitting at 9 months, they are probably more advanced in other milestones and areas, and all babies develop at different paces.

If your baby is crawling already and you’d still like a baby sitter session, that’s absolutely fine too. We might have to move fast and keep repositioning baby, but I, for one, could do with the exercise and workout ?

If you’d like to see what style of photography I offer, or examples of baby sitter sessions, please click below.

Baby Photography Porfolio

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