Photographer CamberleyThe Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media – Last Wednesday, we lost our dog in horrible, unexpected circumstances. Harry was an absolute loon and everything was a game to him, but he was part of our family. He loved games with the boys. They’d play tug of war with Harry. When they jumped on the trampoline, Harry would run around in circles in the garden, excited and loving life.  Including being a spectator to their PS4 games. Harry was also the biggest daddy’s boy I’ve ever known.

Unfortunately, Harry escaped past the boys on their way to school on Wednesday and with Jayden running after Harry to try get him, Harry ran circles around Jayden, probably believing they were playing games. Harry ran so fast and I don’t think even Usain Bolt could’ve caught Harry in time, before he ran straight into a car. I can’t stop thinking about that moment and how it still feels surreal. Harry was so badly hurt and I was so glad I could comfort him. He stopped crying when he saw me get to him on the road, and that gives me some peace that he knew I was with him and he had someone he loved.

A guy had pulled over in his car, with his family in the car, and stayed with Harry and I the entire time. I was in such a state, I didn’t even ask his name, just said thank you and went off to the vet in another lady’s car, just down the road.

Later that day, I posted on the Facebook group ‘Camberley Chat’, telling the story of what happened and whether someone knew who this guy was that stayed with Harry and I. Within an hour or so, both the guy and has wife had been notified and came onto the group to let me know it was them. I couldn’t thank them enough. The kindness and generosity of a complete stranger during one of the most horrible days of my life, gave me small comfort and eternally grateful.

Unfortunately there was no hope for Harry. Harry was my partner, Jamie’s, baby and seeing how heartbroken Jamie was is a whole other story. Jamie made the most beautiful video tribute to Harry, which I will post at the end of this blog. It really did describe the beautiful relationship they had.

After posting on Facebook and seeing so many people at the Surrey Heath show on Saturday, who read that story about Harry’s accident, the power of social media really struck me. I know everyone says social media is powerful, but until you experience it personally, I don’t think you realise the extent of its power. Unfortunately it was for a post I wish I never had to post about. Harry loved life and that’s something that we need to remember. He also loved chasing cats and rabbits, and now he’s free to do it to his heart’s content. Rest in peace Harry.