A Few Favourite Baby Products

It’s been a while since I last bought baby products for my own children. My first son is 11 and my second son is 6 years. And the range of products have changed massively. There is so much choice and so many new products on the market. As I work with a massive baby store, I’m familiar with the baby products that are on the market, but it’s a bit different when you’re looking for yourself. Your mindset becomes a bit different from just admiring to serious buyer.

One product that my Newborn clients swear by is the Tommee Tippee Prep machine and so that is first on my list. The snuzpod is another product that has caught my eye, and definitely on my to buy list.  Eco-friendly clothing is also huge now. As a collaborator with Natural Baby Shower, I get to see many organic and eco-friendly brands, my favourite brand being Turtle Dove. Store manager, Lauren, said that their Spring/Summer collection will be in store in a couple weeks, so I’ll be there for a cup of tea with the ladies and a spot of shopping ?

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A big decision to make is car seats and prams

It’s a big decision and almost the same importance as buying a sofa and car, respectively.  I’ve seen pram and car seat demos in the past couple years during my work as a baby photographer, but now looking for my own baby, there’s so much more I’m aware off and realise I need to look out for.

Today when a newsletter from Babycentre.co.uk popped into my inbox about the Parents picks of the best baby products of 2019, I thought what an awesome blog post to share. Mainly because I thought that I can’t be the only one confused on which is best for their baby, surely.  Well, I hope not anyway ? I’ve used Baby Centre to follow week by week changes of baby since being pregnant with my first child. I like their emails and explanations and it’s a personal preference that I get advice and information from them.

Today’s newsletter contained information from other parents on the best car seats, bottles, prams, breast pumps, disposable nappies and baby food. I’m not saying that Baby Centre is right above all other reviews, but they are my personal trusted source.

These are the products that I will probably go for after seeing the choice :-

  • Baby Bottle – MAM Easy start anti colic. This was actually the make I used for my second son and as I know what they are like, and that they’ve been recommended, I’ll go with this brand.
  • Car seat – Maxi Cosi Cabriofix. I know Maxi Cosi is a great make. But the lightweight car seat sold it to me. Newborns might only weigh a few pounds, but carrying them in a car seat is a gym workout in itself!
  • Baby Pram – Bugaboo Chameleon. We had a Bugaboo for my second son and it was so easy to manoeuvre and lightweight, that I would definitely buy it again.  However, I’m loving the Uppa Baby Vista (not on this list)
  • Breast pump – Medala Swing. I would only ever choose an electric pump. Manual pumps may work for others, but I struggled. As with other products, I know how good Medela pumps are, from previous experience, that I would definitely go with a brand that I’m happy and familiar with.
  • Baby food  – Ella’s Kitchen. It may be pricey than the other brands recommended, but the amount of children I know that I won’t eat other baby food after trying Ella’s Kitchen, says a lot. My second child loved it. I don’t remember it being around for my first son though.
  • Baby Nappies – Pampers. My oldest son has such bad reactions from a couple other branded nappies, that I’ve always stuck with Pampers since then. However, I have heard from my clients that Aldi’s brand of Newborn nappies are excellent.

If you’d like to see what Baby Centre Parent Picks suggest as the best baby products, please click on the below link


If there’s a specific baby product that you can’t live without, please comment below or get in contact. I’d love to hear from you.