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What is a Sitter session?

Sitter sessions are for babies between 6 and 10 months old, that are sitting but not yet walking. During this session, my goal is to capture your baby’s smiles, chubby cheeks and  little personalities.

During the session, we are able to use some beautiful, vintage style dresses and outfits. Outfits that can be seen as baby is still sitting. One of my clients had a dress that she’d worn at the same age. We managed to capture a beautiful image of baby in the same dress and very similar pose. That particular image is something my client is going to cherish forever.

Sitter sessions are also ideal as baby isn’t yet really mobile. Okay, so baby might be able to crawl, but it’s much easier running after a crawling baby than a walking baby. If baby is sitting rather than walking, we are more likely to capture some beautiful images before baby goes off.

And let’s be honest, this stage of baby is one.of the cutest. The stage of giggles, incessant laughter at the smallest of things and those gorgeous funny smiles and cheeks.

Seren’s sitter session was so much fun. Capturing her gorgeous smile and adorable baby ‘bangles’.  Something that almost always goes once baby starts walking and more active.

Seren’s session was only about 45 minutes long, which included a snack break for her. Babies’ attention spans are still developing and I want to make sure that when their session is complete, baby is still happy and not overtired.  By Mum, Dad and myself working together, being patient and making some silly faces, this is definitely achievable.

Here are some images from Seren’s sitter session.

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If you’d like to know more about a sitter session for your Baby, please email, call or fill out the ‘Contact Us‘ form.

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