The NHS is a bit like marmite, some people love them, some people hate and some have had good and bad experiences. I’ve spent the last 2 days in and out of various hospital wards and I can’t fault them. The service is brilliant and after a 7 hour wait (in total after various tests), they gave us dinner. Chicken a la king, juice and yoghurt and it tasted great.

I arrived at my routine consultant appointment. Quick scan first just to check baby’s measurements and then on to the consultant. Okay, so between the scan and consultant appointment, there was a 90 minute wait. But they were dealing with 2 Mums with reduced fetal movement.

As a volunteer of Remember My Baby, I know only too well how important it is that these Mums and babies are seen as priority. I used the time to waste on playing candy crush ? Upon seeing the consultant, I explained how breathless I was that morning. Getting out the car, walking 5 steps and stopping because I couldn’t carry on. While shortness of breath is common in pregnancy, the extremity of mine was unusual. She sent me straight off to the maternity triage.

Unfortunately, my health issues coincided with a busy day for the hospital, so there was a fair amount of waiting. However, after a baby scan, consultant appointment, ECG, Blood tests, Blood pressure checks times 10, chest xrays and plenty of updates with the doctor, I walked the hospital after 8 hours and an £8 parking charge.

Where else can you get world class treatment for £8 and a bit of waiting?! Yes those 8 hours makes a difference when you’re self-employed, like me, or running your own business. But if the hours matter that much, then private health insurance is an option. For the amount that I go to the doctor and hospital, private medical would be more of a cost that I don’t need.

For those that complain about the NHS, yes you pay your taxes and NI, but the staff are so understaffed and still so willing to help. And if you’ve come across a grumpy member of NHS staff, then imagine if you were in their shoes. I’d be permanently grumpy, running around and trying to do the job of more than one person. The service and world class treatment is outstanding and any minor issue like waiting and the cost of parking is insignificant compared to what you’re receiving.

Thank you NHS for looking after me and my baby so well the last few days.