Motivation, Inspiration and Just Plain Awesome

Motivation, Inspiration and Just Plain Awesome – As long as I can remember, I’ve always liked Inspiration Quotes.  In fact, so much so, that I used to have my favourites painted on my bedroom wall as a teenager.  Safe to say, my Dad wasn’t too happy when he sold our home and had to repaint the bedroom wall 🙂 My creative side has always been around and so, in hindsight, it seems only relevant that I’ve become a photographer.

These are a few quotes that I love…

(Unfortunately, I don’t know who all the sources are to credit as they have been saved over and over again by various sources)

I’ve saved many quotes over the years that mean something to me at that particular time in my life.  I’ve got some that are really motivating and some that are just plain awesome.  I have  collected quotes from so many sources that I would never remember them all.  They include Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Wordporn.

I have a Pinterest board of my favourite quotes and would love for you to follow! Just click on the below image and you will be taken to my Pinterest board.


If you have any quotes that you have either written or think would be perfect to add to my board, please comment or even share with me on Pinterest. My Username is Leannedpphoto!

One of my passions is writing. However, with photography and busy Mum to 2 boys, the only writing I do these days is blogging. However, I want to share and image that I took in South Africa last year and wrote the words to this quote which I added to the photo.

Sunsets and quotes


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