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The importance of being in the Photograph, Camberley Photographer – My favourite photo is not one that I have taken myself, but a photo of my family taken by another photographer. Not because I think she’s a better photographer than me or that she’s a similar style, but rather because it’s a photo of my whole family. I like the way that we are posed and love the connection between us. Sadly, we are no longer a family unity.It is so important to be in the photos and not only the one who takes photos of others. Selfies are amazing and perfect for capturing every day images of your lifestyle. But most selfies are taken on mobile phones, which are low resolution. That basically means when printing at large sizes, your Prints become pixelated and quality is compromised.

Selfies definitely have my vote, and I love the ease of uploading to social media. But I want a professional family portrait too. I want a photograph that captures our family’s soul and character. The photograph doesn’t even need us all looking at the camera, just something that shows our beautiful, crazy connection with each other. When you’re busy taking selfies and trying to make sure your don’t have an enlarged arm, living in the moment can become forgotten.

When speaking with potential clients, Mums especially, who say that they would love a Photo Shoot after their holiday when they are tanned or once they’ve lost some weight. I get that, I totally do. I’m always looking to lose weight. But anything could happen between now and then. It’s harsh to say, but it’s a sad reality.

You literally keep putting things off and before you know it, times up.  Or dynamics have changed or life has fast forwarded a year and you’ve been so busy that you haven’t had time for the gym. I get that too. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

So why put off tomorrow what can be done today.

When you look at your child’s face and fast forward to a years time, the changes in their features is significant. Children love looking at photos of themselves as babies and seeing photos of their whole family. They are not going to say ‘Mum looks fat or pale’ (until they are older and want to mock their parents).  Rather they are going to remember this time fondly and tell stories of this day.

Children will look back on photos in years to come and be grateful they have photos with Mum and Dad in the photo. Dads don’t like being in front of the camera or being asked to smile. I don’t force it. Look at your children, get them to tell you a joke or tell them a story and engage with your family. Capture that moment, capture that love and connection.

Of course, it’s always nice to have a traditional, posed and smiling portrait. However, if you can’t get it, know that your photo will have all of you in and it will represent your family.

Just don’t leave it until it’s too late.

This is one of my favourite photos of my boys with my Gran. It’s something printed on my wall and something that I will forever cherish. I just wish I had a photo with my Gran, my two boys and I. I’ll always treasure the last photo of me with my gran, but how amazing would it be to have one during healthier times. You just always think there’s time. The sad reality is there isn’t.

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So make a date for a family photo shoot. Let me position you so you look flattering. Let me control the lighting and make sure you look gorgeous. You just have fun as a family. Make sure you’re in the photograph and that your family will always have something to remember you by. And most of all, print it large for your home. Get beautiful contemporary style wall art for your home and be the envy of all your friends and family.

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