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Baby Names

Baby names?! Who’d have thought that you would have some of your worst arguments after naming your baby, a baby (generally) conceived in love, a baby who is going to light up your world. But yes, arguments over baby names. And I can assure you it’s not just me and my partner. I’ve had clients come in for a newborn shoot and baby doesn’t have a name, or clients that spent 9 months arguing about a name and finally came up with 1 name at the last minute a d even clients that have combined 2 names into one to make both Mum and Dad happy.

And then if your unborn baby has older siblings, they want to be involved in the names. It just gets worse! Especially when they love YouTube and every name is chosen from their favourite YouTube sensation. 

I have given Jamie, my other half, 3 names this morning  – Ava, Isla or Sienna and told him to pick one. I know I was taking a chance and being cheeky, but that’s me so I gave him the options. He said no ? His choice in names are something like Kate and Charlotte  – names of the Royal family.  The Royal family?! I have several kgs to lose, a fashion designer and hair stylist to find and a key to Buckingham palace before I can contemplate a Royal family name. I know you’re meant to have life goals, but let’s be realistic. 

Well it’s back to disagreements over our baby’s name then.

Hope you’re having better luck than Jamie and I ?

How did you choose or come up with your baby’s name?