Why are some photographers more expensive than others?

I can’t answer for all photographers, but I can give you my reasons for charging more than a photographer who picked up a camera 6 months ago…

I have 4 years of professional experience as a photographer.  Prior to that I was doing photography for several years, but not knowledgeable to call myself a professional. It’s been an intense 4 years of Newborn Training workshops and 1 to 1 training with some of the biggest names in UK newborn photography, like Tracy Willis.  I’ve attended Fine Art Children Photography Workshops, online newborn workshops and editing workshops.  I have also achieved a diploma in photography.  And during my newborn training, safety in posing was paramount.  This is something that is priority in all my Photo Shoots.  No pose will ever be at the risk of your baby’s safety, no matter how much we want a particular shot.  Here are a few examples of my safety and composition in Photoshop. The black and white images are straight out of camera.  The colour ones are the final edits.

Safety in newborn posing Newborn Photographer Surrey   Safety in newborn posing Newborn Photographer Surrey

I have spent 3 days volunteering at the Newborn Photography Show to gain more knowledge and meet other photographers.  I have spent hours on YouTube teaching myself editing programmes, styles and posing techniques (over and above the training I’ve already done).  YouTube is not just for music and funny videos, but rather there are loads of famous photographers featured on there with so much useful information. Google owns YouTube so the more people that watch these videos, the more the famous photographers SEO goes up. It’s a win win for everyone.

I will soon be completing Social media and business courses with BANPAS co-owner Helen McGlynn.  And something not many people know about me is that I have a BA degree in law and media and communication.

Last but not least, I am currently doing a mentoring program in lighting and posing with Gary Hill. Ask non-training photographers who they would recommend for lighting training in the UK. There will be one name that stands out above the rest. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and how much my photography has improved.  Plus we’re only half way through!!

In Conclusion….

So yes, I can guarantee that there is someone down the road who can give you more products and still cost less than me. However, my work is about quality, safety in posing, experience and some world class training. My photo shoots are customised with you in mind. I know my style and pricing isn’t for everyone’s budget and that’s fine. It’s like me wanting to buy designer jeans from a entry level clothes shop.   Even though they are entry level, there are reasons for them being entry level, and that’s fine.  Some people are happy with £20 jeans and some people want the £200 jeans (including me 🙂 ).  It’s what works best for you.

I know I can give you an experience and images that will adorn your walls for years.  My clients call me the Baby Whisperer and the most patient person they’ve ever met.  And I can guarantee that a Photo Shoot with Leanne du Plessis Photography will be a safe and fun experience with quality images.

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