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Baby Photographer CamberleyBaby Photographer CamberleyBaby Photographer CamberleyYour new baby is so precious and by having a Newborn Photo Shoot, you get to capture these tiny, new details forever.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and/or new baby!  What a special time in your life.  Your new baby is so new and tiny and you just want to absorb every little detail into your memory, before they start growing.  If you have another child, you will know that when you look at your new baby and your older child, you’ll probably wonder whether your older child was ever that small.  I, too, have done this.

Newborn Photographer camberleyNewborn Photographer Camberley Newborn Photographer Camberley

How old should my baby be at their Newborn Photo Shoot?

Ideally, a baby under 12 days of age is perfect.  However, we don’t live in an ideal world, and I totally understand that this isn’t always possible.  Whatever the reason for the delay, we can still capture beautiful, dream like images of your baby.  Babies up to 12 weeks are still brand new and the perfect number of weeks.

Baby Photographer CamberleyNewborn Photographer Camberley Newborn Photographer Camberley Baby Photographer CamberleyBaby Photographer Surrey

“Leanne is not only a great photographer she is a kind, warm person who immediately makes you feel at ease and has an incredible touch with babies. We loved all our photos and really feel Leanne has captured the spirit of our family…Couldn’t recommend her more highly! Thanks so much xxx” – Lalani

Leanne du Plessis Photography

Newborn Photographer CamberleyBaby Photographer Camberley Baby Photographer CamberleyBaby Photographer Surrey Baby Photographer Camberley

If you want beautiful images, and want to  know that your baby is in safe hands, then you’re at the right place.

As a photographer, I have made sure that I’ve invested not only in pretty props and newborn outfits, but also training.  I have invested time and money into Newborn training, safety in newborn photography and technical aspects of photography. I have trained with some of the top UK Photographers.  I am currently completing a mentorship under one of the UK’s finest portrait photographers. The extensive training means that you can feel at ease knowing that your baby is in safe and knowledgeable hands.

It’s also good to know that Newborn Photo Shoots last about 3 hours on average.  If your session goes over 3 hours because baby needs more feeding, that’s completely fine.  I don’t bill for the extra time.  I know each baby is different and that feeding, sleeping and changing patterns may not have been established yet.  So if your baby needs extra soothing time, please don’t stress.  I am happy to cuddle baby and rock them to sleep, however long it takes.

I will send you a little Nursing Guide on what foods to avoid two days prior to your Newborn Shoot.  I’m sure all breastfeeding Mums are aware of which foods could make baby gassy, but it’s just a little reminder.  Something that we can help ensure baby settles on the day of their session.

Leanne du Plessis Photography

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