If you are here looking for antenatal classes in Hampshire… congratulations!

Finding out you are pregnant is an amazing moment in many expectant parent’s lives, filled with excitement and anticipation. However, preparing for the arrival of your baby and especially the birth can be daunting. 

A great way to educate yourself and prepare for pregnancy and childbirth is by joining an antenatal or pregnancy class in your area.

These classes are conducted by experienced midwives, healthcare professionals from the NHS, and qualified instructors, and aim to provide vital information to aid women in their pregnancy journey. Antenatal classes cover a wide range of topics and provide excellent information to help women mentally and physically prepare for the birth of their baby. 

Antenatal courses can include hypnobirthing, and fun interactive sessions with other expectant parents, and can be a fun way to learn more about your baby.  Antenatal classes are typically a place to prepare for the birth of your child, however, they can also help you to understand important pregnancy symptoms, teach you how to recognise the initial signs of labour and give you guidance on how to care for your baby when they arrive.  

Antenatal classes in Hampshire come in a variety of formats which can include social group courses with other parents-to-be, private one-on-one sessions, or even pregnancy fitness and exercise. Antenatal classes are mostly aimed at first-time parents however those who’ve experienced parenthood before are also welcome to join and gain additional support during their pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy fitness classes are an alternative way to prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby. Pregnancy yoga classes for example help expectant women build strength, help ease pregnancy pains, and teach key relaxation techniques that are useful during childbirth. 

In this article, we will share with you the four best pregnancy and antenatal classes in Hampshire and surrounding area.

So continue reading to discover the perfect class for your specific needs throughout your pregnancy.

Heavenly Hypnobirthing – Southampton 

Heavenly Hypnobirthing was set up by Katie, who is a mother to two children and lives in the Southampton area. Katie is a fully trained hypnobirthing instructor who has taken additional training in LGBTQ+ Competency in birth work and is a qualified breastfeeding peer supporter with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. 

Katie offers private hypnobirthing courses to expectant mothers in South Hampshire and prefers one-to-one teaching as it allows a connection with the expectant mother. Hypnobirthing courses are taught in the comfort of your home or via Zoom and are tailored to your specific needs. Through her private classes, Katie can help address any worries you have surrounding birth and teach you key hypnobirthing relaxation techniques and pain relief methods. 

Katie is also available via email or phone up until the birth of your baby and also comes to visit you once your baby is born. 

A specialised caesarean hypnobirthing course is also available with Katie, and she also offers expectant friends the opportunity to combine their classes so she can teach you both together. 

The Hampshire Birthing Company 

The Hampshire Birthing Company offers interactive and social hypnobirthing classes to expectant parents in the Bentworth and Petersfield areas.

The company was set up by Susanna Dunnett, who trained with Katherine Graves and the Hypnobirthing Association and founded The Hampshire Birthing Company following the births of her children. 

Group hypnobirthing classes are available which are small, with a maximum of four couples per class, and take place over four recurring weeknight evenings or two weekend days. The course includes key hypnobirthing relaxation techniques, how to cope with anxiety and fear surrounding birth, and informs expectant mothers on the various birthing options. The course also includes information on how your birthing partner can support you and encourages couples to socialise and form bonds. 

The Hampshire Birthing Company also offers expectant parents private hypnobirthing classes, and Birth Planning Workshops for women who want additional support. There are also organised brunch gatherings for expectant parents in the area to come together and socialise. 

Antenatal Classes in Hampshire

Antenatal Classes in Hampshire: Janet Gray Bump and Baby – Pregnancy Yoga

Located in Alresford, Hampshire, Janet Gray specialises in pre and postnatal yoga and offers pregnancy yoga, postnatal doula services, and baby massage. Janet studied with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and is a qualified antenatal teacher and yoga instructor. 

Janet offers expectant women pregnancy yoga classes held in Winchester. The classes are specific to pregnant women and include classes aimed at women 37 weeks and on. The classes are designed to help women prepare for the birth of their baby through gentle stretches and include breathing techniques and relaxation methods.

Classes give mums-to-be the chance to bond with other mothers in the area and promote a social community within the classes. 

Janet also offers Mother and Baby Yoga for new mums to aid postnatal recovery and core strength. The classes also encourage sensory play with your baby and are another way to meet mums in the area. 

Calm Arrivals Hypnobirthing – Newbury 

We continue our overview of pregnancy and antenatal classes in Hampshire with Calm Arrivals Hypnobirthing aims to empower expectant women through their hypnobirthing courses offered in the Newbury area. Set up by Daisy Blumberg, who was trained at the Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing School, Calm Arrivals offers a selection of hypnobirthing and antenatal classes. 

Expectant mothers can join the Group Birth Preparation classes which are centred around hypnobirthing techniques. This course provides women with a solid understanding of what to expect from birth and teaches vital hypnobirthing tools to promote a positive birth experience. 

The antenatal classes are taught either online or face-to-face in small groups to provide an opportunity to make connections with other participants in the class. The in-person classes are taught in small intimate groups, in Daisy’s studio space in Newbury. Participants joining the in-person class will also receive a Calm Arrivals Hypnobirthing goody bag, and have access to the class WhatsApp group to arrange meet-ups and gain support from fellow expectant mums. 

Daisy also offers private one-to-one hypnobirthing classes for anyone looking for a private experience. There is also a specific caesarean hypnobirthing course for those planning on an elective c-section birth who is looking for support. 

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