Feel at ease during your Photo Shoot

All I need is your baby and that one special item that you would love to see your little one photographed with.   Anything from a teddy that has been past down through your family, or the first booties you bought when you found out you were pregnant or a special blanket. I will supply backdrops, props and lighting.

What sets me apart from other newborn photographers is that I encourage all families to include something special in their photo shoot.  Something that has sentimental value, so that when you look back on these portraits in 10 – 30 years time, they will have some much more meaning than just posing you baby with my own props.  Which off-course I definitely will do, but it doesn’t beat adding something of sentimental value.

Many parents worry about whether their baby will sleep, or whether they will pee or poop on the blankets or whether their older children will play ball.

I want you to enjoy your session and feel anxious at all.  If your baby doesn’t sleep, then we will do wide awake images.  I can wrap them up, put them in a basket or just do a very natural pose.  It’s my job to be creative and I can guarantee that you will love your baby’s images.

As for the pee and poop, there’s always a downside to every job, this is mine 🙂 I always wash any blankets and outfits after every session, just for hygiene reasons, regardless of if the baby has messed.  And anyway, that’s what babies do right?

What about older children, especially toddlers, not playing ball or wanting to be in the photos?

It’s for this reason that I alway start with sibling and family shots. Younger children are usually interested in what I’m doing when I first arrive.  I tell them as I go along what I’m doing, so that they feel involved.  Also, if I ask your child to test the lighting with me, it gives them a sense of importance.

While they are still feeling chuffed with themselves because they are the first one to have a photo, I use the opportunity to get some fun and relaxed family images.  I will pose everyone so they know where to stand.

You don’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be perfect to you and show off your beautiful family’s personality.  Some of the most beautiful photographs are where Mum is smiling at Dad or children. It captures a perfect moment. That’s what I want for your family – a perfect moment.

"Leanne du Plessis, you are such a gifted, awesome photographer

and one of the kindest and most patient people I know!!" - Sarah

About Me

I’m a South African and have been living in UK for 9 years.  The past 5 years of which I’ve lived in Frimley Green, Camberley, Surrey. I am also mum to 2 young boys, Jayden and Jenson. I love spending time with my boys, reading, writing and catching up with friends.

My passion for photography began in my teenage years photographing Sunsets and Sunrises in Durban, South Africa, my home town. In later years, I moved on to Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography.

I love babies and children and hope that my passion comes through in my images.  I can proudly say that I have never had a client not mention about how patient I am with their child/children.

Eversley Photographer